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Poverty & Inequality by 2030

8 Thematic Focus

8 Thematic Focus

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Zero Extreme Poverty 2030

The Zero Extreme Poverty 2030 movement is a product of the Poverty Summit in 2015 with the theme "Building Pathways in Reducing Poverty and Inequality". The Poverty Summit formulated its vision for the Philippines by 2030: "A Philippines where every Filipino enjoys the necessary goods that define and sustain human dignity, life, security, and engaged citizenship".

In pursuit of this Vision, the participants agreed to formulate a 15-year Agenda to eradicate poverty and inequality in the country. The 15-year plan shall be broken down into three-year doable action plans.

Along this line, eight themes were identified: (a) Health; (b) Education; (c) Environment; (d) Livelihood and Employment; (e) Agriculture and Fisheries; (f) Housing and Shelter; (g) Peace and Human Security; (h) Social Justice. These thematic areas shall serve as the groupings for focused, multisector, collective action to tackle specific dimensions of poverty and inequality.

Who We Are

Who We Are

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Building Pathways for Eradicating Poverty & Inequality

The enormity of the goal that the summit has set requires the concerted effort of many. It makes equally great demands on individuals and organizations who will commit themselves in long-term partnerships and collective impact for the attainment of poverty reduction in the Philippines.

But the work of pathways building for poverty reduction does not stand onmere aspirations. For behind this renewed effort are decades-long, multi-sectoral initiatives and landmark achievement that have cumulatively increased the possibility of realizing such a lofty goal.

It is upon this foundation that the conference builds its envisioned pathways. It is these experiences of success that define the conference with so much optimism, courage, and hope - that poverty in the Philippines can be dealt with once and for all; that no Filipino will left behind in the development and onward growth of the nation.

When Did We Start

Poverty Summit

October 2015 marked the beginning of the 15-year Zero Extreme Poverty 2030 program